Ambr has made technological improvements and

innovations in blockchain and DAG networks in three areas:

  • DAG

    Redefining trading units to expand to a variety of transaction types. Using composite node consensus system and dynamically assign node weights based on node credibility. Thus solving the difficulties of traditional DAG network fee distribution and node incentive.

  • Smart Contract

    Changing the traditional blockchain structure, in theory, requires adding consistent timestamps to transactions and contracts. The specified time domain will be the implementation buffer, and consensus will be achieved after a certain weight is reached. This solves the problem of DAG unable to support smart contracts.

  • Multi-chaining and cross-chaining

    A messenger and verifier system will help achieve consensus between chains for communication and transaction confirmation, respectively. The functions of a chain will be pluggable modules, and each will have its own fault tolerance. In Ambr’s cross-chain system, side chains can be used as a relay chain, to achieve credibility and asset value transfer.

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Project Summary

  • DAG

  • Smart Contract

  • Multi-chaining and cross-chaining

Ecological Role

  • Transact Synchronous data Vote

    Participation Nodes

  • Verification of transactions and execute


  • Responsible for the transmission and communication of information

    Routing node

  • Daily instrument of payment

    Ambr Wallet

  • Ecological users and participants



  • Founder and CEO of Ambr .Born in 1995, he entered bitcoin and blockchain circles and dropped out of school in 2013. He has been a blockchain practitioner and has extensive industry experience. He has developed and participated in various blockchain platforms and participated in Dubai Future Accelerator blockchain project, He has an ideal and passion for blockchain technology.


    Charles Jia

  • More than ten years as a senior software engineer. He used to work for Huawei, Dresdner Wireless, Nokia, etc. He has accumulated a large number of company and personal projects involving various languages ​​and platforms.


    Kimi Kan

  • Graduated from the Department of Computer and Finance at the University of Waterloo in Canada and spent the past five years at the Canadian Banking Corporation. Many years ago, he had contacted and studied blockchain technology.

    David Bao

  • He holds a master's degree from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, and has been involved in the algorithm research of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for many years.

    Jun Liu

  • Chairman of the Silicon Valley Cultural and Technological Park. She served as president of the National Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification. She is currently the Overseas Director of the China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association.

    Lin Qing

  • He holds a master's degree in software from Zhejiang University. He has extensive experience in the risk control of internet finance and a senior developer of blockchain technology.

    Jingzhong Xu

  • Senior C++ developers have excellent logic thinking and research skills and won the first prize in the electronic design competition. Many years ago, he had a deep research on blockchain technology.

    Hainan Li

  • Dr. Jiang Lei, Ph. D. in computer, University of Toronto. He has worked as one of the largest Canadian pension management companies and is currently a senior Asset Management Co planner in Canada.


    Lei Jiang

  • Pall has extensive experience in market operations, and has extensive experience in different industries and different companies, such as IBM, Deloitte, Accenture and other internationally renowned companies.


    Pall Musaev

  • Veronica is a writer, editor, and content creator who has worked for a number of media newspapers and has many years of experience in digital news reporting, online marketing, and media relations.


    Veronica Appia

  • Judith is the only Chinese and English bilingual partner of Fogler Robinoff LLP. He successfully assisted many well-known Chinese companies in listing in North America and has extensive economic and legal experience.


    Judith Hong


  • Professor at Waterloo University, Associate Professor at Cornell University, Ph.D. Now he provides technical support and research for Ambr.


    Srinivason Keshav

  • Group Chairman and CEO of Baryon Corporation and Director of International Trade Council, US Department of Commerce He has participated in and led over $800,000,000 of capital placement and participated in 11 IPOs in five countries.


  • He is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. from the University of Sigade. He once worked for Microsoft and served as chief information officer for Projects In Knowledge, Inc.


    David H. Setiadi

  • Independent consultant, graduated from Ghent University in Belgium, currently working for Kconsult, UNESCO consultant. His consulting company has offices in New York, Belgium, Paris, Frankfurt, Monza and other cities.


    Kobe Cannaerts

  • Vice President of the Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Application Association, founder and CEO of Hangzhou YiBei Ltd. , he has a decade of experience in the telecom industry, Yibei has conducted in-depth research on blockchain based IoT applications.

    Wangwei He

  • He is a master of software from Zhejiang University and is currently working at NetEase, former Yaxin Technology, CMCC, and other large companies. He is well versed in the architecture and use of Hadoop's ecosystem and is responsible for the design of multiple big data projects.

    Xiaoping Li


  • Xuchu Fang

  • Jiaxue Yang

  • Linchuan Zeng

  • Jianliang Shao

Institutional Investors



Which way AMBR will be used to introduce external data?

More Problems

Time Line

  • Open-source test network

  • Main network, perfect trading interface

  • Smart contract officially launched

  • Multiple Chain and Tandem Chain System Demo Launched

  • Multiple Chain and Tandem Chain System Online

  • Decentralized Governance Architecture

  • All function interface perfect

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